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Don't be shy babe, ASK.    Submit   Life is about staying on the right path, making the right friends, and pursuing the right decisions. I've learned from my mistakes, and I'm back - probably just to make more. xoxo fellow sinners, iA we'll meet up in Jannah somehow.

More like Fawa(dayum) Khan, am I right?

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Wow. I am so thankful for not having white privilege.

I know struggle. I know sacrifice. I know pain, compassion.

Because knowing the state of third world countries, living there, meeting the people there, really makes you appreciative and ready for the reality of life.

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No matter how many democratic presidents this damn country has, it’s going to be run by all these stupid republicans

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I can easily say that about 40% of my stress is from the fact I don’t have a proper job and I’m spending my dad’s money left and right.

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#then 20% abt my moms mental state  #20% im a terrible friemd  #15% my friends are going to end up in unhappy marriages  #5% the damn chem test  #look at all these priorities doeee  #loool 


Shias have been fucking set on fire in Rawalpindi and there aren’t even headlines running at the bottom of news channels 

I actually hate the world

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Anonymous asked: You're an amazing friend. People just need to get over themselves sometimes and learn how to move on. Reminder that one of your friends has a really distorted personality and she's really sorry for that.


Reminder, that when I chose my friends, I chose all their flaws also.

Because friends should be there for each other to work out their flaws. You’re never ever in it alone, even if it feels like it.

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My head hurts

Its freaking 1 AM

and my head is just hurting

So Ima make a reaaal long list 

1. People get married young and it usually doesnt out.  I just don’t know what to do about it. Everyone else is so blinded by all the romance. I see all the shit up front. And it. is. scary. Idk. I just want to cry all the time because I see that precious baby five days a week and she runs to the door yelling “AFA AFA” and to know all the shit she’s going to have to go through down the road makes me want to freaking cry. Yes. It’s only one incident. BUT HOW MANY HAVE TO HAPPEN BEFORE PEOPLE REALIZE THAT YOU MIGHT AS WELL DO IT THE RIGHT WAY

2. I guess I knew my friends found it hard to deal with me. I’m really obnoxious and terrible, honestly. But a group always has that one friend…right? I don’t know. My head just hurts a LOT. I hate high school shit. Even though I started it? Lol. My logic is just great. Is it weird that I want to stay away from my religious friends? Some of them are just really a pain, and I can’t take it anymore. I’m on the edge. I’m about to fall into a deep, narrow, and long path of sin and they’re NOT helping.

3. I’m going to miss my mom when she dies. For the sake f my own sanity, I hope she goes before me. I lost my shit when dada died, and wow if she died…..

4. The app is gone. I just realized. And it hurt quite a  bit.

5. There’s so many douchey guys at school, and I want each and every single one of them.


7. godamn my head

Im not getting any sleep, so thanks to all the fake problems my mind has created (mentioned above).

But thank god that the world invented sleeping pills..

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"Whenever I get the urge to workout, I lay down until the feeling goes away."
My mother
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